Katharina Ziemke, Attic, 2013, Indian ink on paper, 16 x 23 cm, private collection, Paris

AGOSTO is a new experimental collective of artists. Its founding members (save one) all otherwise work at or for the Schaubühne Theatre. Their collaboration unites their respective disciplinary expertise: Katharina Ziemke (painting and sculpture), Ruth Rosenfeld (drama and voice), Joseph Pearson (history and literary arts), and James Helgeson (music performance and composition). We devise multimedia performances and installations in the tradition of collective creation, a decentred and non-authoritarian practice. This method complements the institutional experience of its members, who have worked or studied at the Volksbühne Theatre, »Hanns Eisler« School of Music, Barenboim-Said Akademie (Berlin), Beaux-arts (Paris), University of Cambridge (UK), Curtis Institute of Music (Philadelphia), Princeton University (New Jersey), and Columbia University (New York City). ‘Remembering Women in Science’ is the first creation to materialise from our laboratory. The documentary project reveals hidden, often tragic, histories of innovation, and looks to a more inclusive future. AGOSTO is composed of individuals who represent a variety of nationalities, sexes, sexualities, and gender expressions. We follow Martin Niemöller’s imperative that personal responsibility to combat injustice transcends individual identity. In solidarity, we all have a part to play in changing the narrative. AGOSTO was founded in August 2020 .